15 Gallon Water Storage Barrel

15 Gallon Water Storage Barrel


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New 15 Gallon Water Storage Barrel measures 27" high x 15" diameter A water storage barrel is highly recommended for storing emergency water. Water treatment facilities may be down for weeks following a disaster which means that you need to store a substantial supply of emergency water for drinking, hygiene, and sanitation. A minimum of 1 gal. per day is required, but at least 2 gallons are recommended. Made of high density recyclable polyethylene (HDPE) Maximum draining enhances reusability DOT/UN/FDA certified & approved Contents level scale marked every 5 gallons/20 liters Weather resistant, can be stored outside Easy to handle and stack. Molded hand holds, rolling hoops and protected areas for labels Can be moved with standard drum handling equipment Please Read: NEVER purchase previously used barrels for your water storage, even if they were previously used for food grade items such as juice concentrate, juice, syrup, etc. The reason why they are only "used" once by companies and then gotten rid of, is because they can NEVER BE FULLY CLEANED. This is because of the microscopic holes in the plastic. Food companies know that these "used" barrels will ALWAYS BE CONTAMINATED WITH A RESIDUAL AMOUNT of the previously stored item, and would not risk contaminating future products; this is why they get rid of them so cheaply. DO NOT TAKE THE CHANCE. Only purchase NEW, never used containers. They may seem cheaper now, but they will cost you big time, in the long run.


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