Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Kraton Handle

Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Kraton Handle


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Product Description

Product Description
These very popular, time tested knives have been in our line for many years and are ideal for just about any mission. Made out of 0-1 High Carbon Steel, they are precision ground, heat-treated and Mar Tempered in our state of the art factory in Taiwan to rival the strength, toughness, and edge retention of our famous Japanese swords. Check out their absolute superior fit, finish and above all sharpness and then put them to work and we are sure you'll agree they are an incredible bargain.
The Gurkha Kukri’s SK-5 high carbon blade is the heaviest Kukri on the market, with remarkable cutting power. The blade is almost an inch wider near the tip than at the handle, shifting the knife’s balance point forward to allow a substantial blow to be struck with minimal effort, using inertia alone to complete the cut.

A durable Secure-Ex sheath is also included.


  • 12-inch blade length
  • 0.3125-inch blade thickness
  • 17-inch overall length
  • 22-ounce weight
  • Kray-Ex handle
  • SK-5 high carbon steel blade
  • Includes Secure-Ex sheath

All Cold Steel products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. Details are included with your purchase.

About Cold Steel
Cold Steel, Incorporated was founded in 1980, with the goal of making the strongest, sharpest cutlery in the world for knife enthusiasts. Over the last three-plus decades, the company has been at the forefront of many design innovations that have helped innovate the knife industry, including introduction of checked Kraton handles, and the tanto point blade styles which have become industry hallmarks of quality and sophistication.


  • Blade Thickness: 5/16"
  • Handle: 5" Long Kray-Ex
  • Blade Style: Kukri
  • Steel: 0-1 High Carbon
  • Sheath: Secure-Ex Sheath
  • Gurkha Kukri's SK-5 high carbon blade is the heaviest Kukri on the market, with remarkable cutting power
  • Kray-Ex handle and SK-5 high carbon steel blade; includes Secure-Ex sheath
  • 12-inch blade length, 0.3125-inch blade thickness, 17-inch overall length, and 22-ounce weight
  • Includes limited manufacturer's warranty; details included with purchase
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes


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